Consumer electronics, Automotive TVS

SPS diodes and bridge Rectifiers are wildly use in Automotive, energy saving lamp rectifier, computer peripherals,
communications equipment, household appliances, aerospace products, medical devices, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.

LED Lighting

LED Street Lamp, Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) , Rice cooker, Garden Lighting, LCD, Backlighting, Low Voltage Interior Lighting, Emergency lighting, Portable Flashlight (Torch) , Signage/LED Ballast

Application  Suggested Product Famlily Suggested Part Number  (For Reference Only)
LED Street Lamp Transient Voltage Suppressors  1.5KE400CA,SMBJ350CA,P6KE400CA,30KPA350CA
Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers GBU406G,GBU808,GBU1006,GBU1008,GBPC2508,GBJ2508
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers HD860,MUR1060,MUR1560,MUR1660
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers ER5D,SDURB520,MURD620CT
Silicon Planar Zener Diodes MMSZ5231B,1SMA4742,1SMA4742
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Transient Voltage  Suppressors P4KE200CA,SMAJ170CA,SMBJ170CA,P4KE400CA,SMAJ350CA,SMBJ250C
Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers DB105S,DF05,DB155S,DF156S,DB205S
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers US1JSL,ES1J,ER2J,ES2J,ER3JA
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers ES1D,US1DSL,ER2D,ES1J,ES2J
Rice Cooker Transient Voltage Suppressors 1.5KE200CA,1.5KE400CA,3.0SMCJ170CA,SMBJ350CA
Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers GBU406G,GBU808,GBU1006,GBU1008,GBPC2508,GBJ2508
Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers ER5J,HD860,MUR1060,MUR1560,MUR1660
Silicon Planar Zener Diodes BZT52B5V1,MMSZ5242B,MMSZ5245B
High Speed Switching Diodes 1N4148WS,1N4448W
Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers ES3J,ER5J,HD860,MUR1060,MUR1560,MUR1660
 LCD Backlighting High Speed Switching Diodes N4448WS,1N4148WT,BAV70W
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