Consumer electronics, Automotive TVS

SPS diodes and bridge Rectifiers are wildly use in Automotive, energy saving lamp rectifier, computer peripherals,
communications equipment, household appliances, aerospace products, medical devices, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.

Alternative Energy

Power Bank, Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable, Wireless Headset, Solar Panel, Solar Inverter

Application  Suggested Product Famlily Suggested Part Number  (For Reference Only)
Solar Panel Schottey Barrier Rectifiers ST1040S,STB1045,ST1545S,ST1060S,ST2060DJF
Solar Inverter Transient Voltage Suppressors 15KPA75A,20KPA104A,30KPA102A,TPK30KP100A
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers ER5D,SDURB520,PFL1006,MURD620CT
Schottey Barrier Rectifiers ST5100S,STB1045
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers HD860,PFL1006,MUR1560,MUR1660
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