Consumer electronics, Automotive TVS

SPS diodes and bridge Rectifiers are wildly use in Automotive, energy saving lamp rectifier, computer peripherals,
communications equipment, household appliances, aerospace products, medical devices, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.


Cockpit Electronics, Engine Systems, Actuation Systems, Communications, Passenger Cabin Systems, Power Systems Interface Low Voltage AC/DC, Power Systems Interface 115VAC, Flight Control and Data Systems EoS Protection

Application  Suggested Product Famlily Suggested Part Number  (For Reference Only)
Cockpit Electronics Transient Voltage Suppressors SMAJ15A, SMBJ18CA, SMCJ5.0CA, SMCJ28CA. 
Engine Systems Transient Voltage Suppressors SMCJ33CA, SMCJ48CA
Actuation Systems Transient Voltage Suppressors 3.0SMCJ33CA, 3.0SMCJ48CA, 5.0SMLJ28CA, 5.0SMLJ43CA
Communications Transient Voltage Suppressors SMAJ5.0A, SMAJ14A, SMBJ18CA, SMCJ5.0CA, 3.0SMCJ28CA, 5KP5.0CA
Passenger Cabin Systems Transient Voltage Suppressors SMAJ5.0A, SMAJ12A, SMAJ15A, SMAJ18CA, SMBJ18CA, SMBJ33CA
Power Systems Interface Low Voltage  Transient Voltage Suppressors 3.0SMCJ170CA, 3KP170CA, 3.0SMI170CA, 5KP170CA, SMDJ170CA
Power Systems Interface 115VAC Transient Voltage Suppressors 3.0SMCJ170CA, 3KP170CA, 3.0SMI170CA, 5KP170CA, SMDJ170CA
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